Small Driftwood Eagle


Part of the Tree Root Collection, our Small Driftwood Eagle is crafted entirely from teak driftwood and carefully crafted to look like the beautiful bird of prey as it's about to take off.

Reasons to Order

  • Approx 120cm wide Small Driftwood Eagle
  • Quality teak tree root wood
  • Rustic styling
  • Ready assembled
  • Other tree root designs also available
  • Other sculptures also available

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Our Tree Root Small Driftwood Eagle may be called small, but it's still an impressive size at around 120cm wide and 117cm tall. Of course as it's handmade from driftwood, the exact size will vary from eagle to eagle, which means that no two are exactly the same.

Where will you place it in your home? It's been crafted by hand from the root of the teak tree. So it will have unique twists and turns that add to its charm and character. Have it as a decorative piece in your lounge or conservatory for you to admire as you sit down. Or perhaps have it in your hallway to impress guests when they arrive. Or have it in your dining room to keep an eagle eye over them when they eat.

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