• Fitzroy Furniture

    Fitzroy Furniture

    Our new industrial
    chic range

    Solid elm wood coloured a warm brown shade on beautifully engineered steel frame this elegant range features a light raised textured wood, easy to assemble, ideal for modern living and commercial setting.

  • Chairs and Seating

    Chairs and Seating

    Traditional and uniquely styled chairs and sofas together with sumptuous

    With a wide range of seating you are certain to find the perfect selection

  • Piccadilly vintage furniture for living room or bedroom

    The Piccadilly

    Solid Rubberwood Furniture

    A fantastic selection chest of drawers in a vintage furniture style

    With all the drawers different colours and different sizes you have a unique accent piece for any living room or bedroom

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  • Mahogany Village Furniture, solid mahogany lounge furniture with light distressing from Ancient Mariner Furniture

    Mahogany Village

    French Mahogany Furniture

    Traditional solid mahogany furniture inspired by the rural villages of England and France. With a with a warm brown our Mahogany Village Furniture has the light distressing of a well loved piece.

    With a wide range of mahogany furniture pieces you are certain to find the perfect selection

  • Vintage Leather chair made with top grain leather and detail studding

    Vintage Leather

    A sumptuous range of vintage leather sofas and leather chairs in a deep rich brown colouring.

    Made with top grain leather and finished with either button backs or detail studding this range of leather is a fantastic traditional seating collection.

  • New Metro Furniture

    Our Metro

    Solid Mango Wood

    A contemporary design of furniture, made from solid mango wood.

    With a modern uncomplicated design that is enhanced by the light wood finish the Metro range is ideal for adding a lighter style to any setting.

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  • Product Number: VLA14

    This armchair chair is a comfortable size for a bedroom chair or occasional chair. With velvet upholstery and detailed studs to the arm fronts you have a comfy and stylish chair.

  • Product Number: M268

    Crafted from eco-friendly mahogany with hand-carved detailing, this coat stand brings a traditional touch to your hallway. Showcasing eight brass hooks and umbrella storage, it's perfect for decluttering any home.

  • Product Number: M048

    Handmade from mahogany wood, this magazine rack is the perfect way to keep magazines and TV guides tidy. This solid mahogany rack is made in a traditional way, inspired by the villages of England and France. Hand crafted detail combined with a light distressed finish.

  • Product Number: PA03

    Handcrafted from mahogany, this traditional 4-drawer telephone table works wonderfully in your hallway or study showcasing framed family photographs. A mahogany side table with French influence in its elegant shaping.

  • Product Number: M100

    Crafted by hand from mahogany wood, this TV Cabinets is a timeless addition to your home. Featuring one drawer and two shelves, it offers ample storage space for cables and media boxes.

  • Product Number: EI009

    Crafted by hand, this TV Bench is a timeless addition to your home. Featuring two shelves, it offers ample storage space for cables and media boxes.

  • Product Number: EI038

    Crafted from mango wood and featuring an understated design, this nest of three tables is the ideal addition to your rustic living room. Showcase family photos and a statement table lamp on top for an attractive display.

  • Product Number: PA13

    Perfect for creating a multi-level display or resting a tray of drinks, this set of mahogany wood nesting tables is a great addition to homes short on space.

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Wholesale Furniture Suppliers

Wholesale Furniture and Accessories from around the world

Ancient Mariner Furniture as a wholesale furniture supplier; we specialise in providing handcrafted and handmade furniture and accessories to a wide variety of trade customers including shops, interior designers, garden centres and hotels.

We are a family wholesale furniture company celebrating over 20 years trading so we know that quality products and excellent customer service really counts. For this we ensure we keep good stocks of our furniture and giftware. We also ensure we have a flexible delivery system for you including using our own vans or pallet/courier service to keep you well stocked.

Sustainably Sourced Furniture

We understand that sustainability is an important aspect of finding the right trade furniture supplier. All the wood used in our products is sourced from approved sources and made into furniture and giftware using traditional techniques. Ensuring skills are kept alive and local people are keeping their jobs.

Types of Wood We Use

Mango Wood Furniture

As Mango Wood Furniture Suppliers we know we need to use the very best quality solid mango wood for our furniture. Along with this to keep the sustainability we only have the wood sourced from approved forests, where the fruit has been harvested and the tree is felled once its productive life is over. Our solid mango wood furniture ranges are East Indies and Metro and our newest range Plato

Mahogany Furniture

We use the very best wood for our mahogany furniture and as always it is all from approved sources. With a versatile range of pieces from a Mahogany Village TV Stand, a Pacific Mahogany Coffee Table or the Victorian Mahogany Nest of Tables, there will be a piece to fit your setting. Our mahogany furniture ranges are varied with the French influenced Mahogany Village and the simpler Pacific there will be a style for your setting.

Vintage Furniture

Our vintage collection is made from 100% solid plantation mahogany and has undergone a finishing process to recreate good old fashioned honest sun bleached scrubbed furniture, as part of the hand aging process you're going to see deliberate aging marks, uneven surfaces, differing grain colours and levels of bleaching. With all wood it still lives on and we suggest not placing it in direct sunlight or next to heat sources such as radiators. In dry centrally heated houses it will expand and contract and may cause splits and warping to the timber especially on the tops of tables just like the originals we copied have done over the decades.

The wood is unsealed natural finish so if you do have a spillage we suggest cleaning with a damp cloth and for hard to remove stains use a mixture of 1/3/bleach, 1/3ecover detergent and a 1/3 water and very gently clean the area don’t scrub to hard or you will reveal the red mahogany timber beneath.

All our products are made from reclaimed pine or government plantation mahogany, which is grown specifically for furniture production and carefully audited so we can track and trace the timber back to the tree it came from. We comply with all the EU timber regulations which ensures no illegally logged timber is used. Our factory is a joint partnership and family owned, we ensure the small amount of chemicals used to produce the bleached finish are contained in the finishing area and disposed of properly. We operate a sustainable business which does not damage the environment and is employing many people on a fair wage in full time employment. We regularly visit the factory and contribute towards local educational need in local schools.

Mindi Wood Furniture

With the idea of sustainability in mind we have added the eco-friendly Mindi wood. We have used this in the distressed vintage styled Piccadilly and the new Abbey. Again this wood is taken from approved sources and like the mango wood it is felled when the tree reaches the end of its productive life.

Keeping the Quality

None of this commitment to tradition means we cut corners on quality and consistency. All our suppliers are overseen by highly skilled professionals ensuring the finish of our furniture is kept to the same high standard. We keep the village handmade production with the factory quality.

Making unique furniture

Like anything natural, Ancient Mariner Furniture has a distinctive character and this will only get better with age. Every piece has gone through a lengthy process in construction and is purposefully aged to give it even more character.

We don’t try to hide irregularity in our furniture; in fact we think this gives each piece its distinctive character.