December Clearance
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Saturday the 27th of December
10.00am until 2.00pm
(Whitesmith & Ribchester)

Ancient Mariner Furniture manufacture and wholesale a classic and contemporary collection of unique handmade furniture and accessories personally selected and sourced in Indonesia.

From luxurious mahogany ranges inspired by the villages of England and France, to stylish country collections crafted from mango wood, Ancient Mariner Furniture has something for every home style, whether classic or contemporary.

All of our furniture is handmade using traditional techniques, which has helped to create jobs for local people, helping to preserve traditional skills and way of life, with timber sourced from only the highest quality government approved sources.

With highly skilled professionals overseeing construction, we are able to offer unique yet constant quality in both the colour and the polishing process, ensuring that our pieces are village-produced products with the consistency of factory-made items.

Ancient Mariner Furniture has a distinctive character and this will only get better with age. Every piece has gone through a lengthy and skilled construction process and is purposefully aged to give it even more character.

We don't try to hide irregularity, in fact we think this give each piece its distinctive character