About us

Ancient Mariner Furniture is a family business responsible for the manufacture and wholesale of handmade furniture and accessories personally selected and sourced in Indonesia.
The family run business was established 20 years ago by Michael Ellis and is now one of the country’s most successful furniture businesses, selling a wide range of quality wooden furniture throughout the UK and Ireland


Ancient Mariner has created over 300 jobs for communities in Indonesia. Working with local craftsmen and women, we aim to preserve traditional ways of life, whilst helping to safeguard and improve education and skills within local communities.
Every piece of furniture sold helps to sustain local jobs and skills in Indonesia. We have invested in a loyal and hard-working workforce, providing steady employment and also ensuring the long tradition of the highly skilled craftsmanship of men and women in the villages will live on.


Ancient Mariner is aware of the strain on the environment caused by the depletion of natural resources such as forests and woodlands. It is with this in mind that all of our materials are sourced from government sanctioned plantations, using only the highest quality recycled mango, mahogany and teak.

Carbon footprint

Ancient Mariner is committed to reducing the carbon footprint associated with the production and transit of products.  For example, the company is currently looking to run its Indonesian site on bio-diesel, by planting Jatrofa trees around the factory, which it is hoped, will eventually produce the energy needed to run the entire site.