Dark Finish Vintage Large Trestle Table


Part of the Vintage Furniture Collection, our Dark Finish Large Trestle Table is 40cm bigger than our standard version, so you have even more room for everything and everyone.

Why Buy

  • 220cm wide Trestle Table
  • Solid quality mahogany wood
  • Ideal for so many uses
  • Rustic chic
  • Easy self-assembly
  • Other tables also available

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This item is currently unavailable we will have it back in stock as soon as possible

More info

Our Dark Finish Vintage Large Trestle Table is 220cm long. So that extra 40cm compared to the standard version means that you can fit two more people. So it will seat 10 people and at a push you could squeeze 12 around it. So even for a big family gathering or large dinner party for friends, this table copes admirably.

1 table for so many uses. OK, so we know it's great for dining. But it's also ideal for parties and laying out a buffet. But why stop there? You could use it as a table for a car boot sale, country fair or farmers market. Or it gives you extra room to spread out all your decorating bits and bobs: no narrow edges that encourage things to fall off.

Strong quality mahogany. Chosen carefully for strength, this solid mahogany table has an A-shape frame so it's superbly sturdy.

About our Vintage Furniture Collection

Our vintage collection is made from 100% solid plantation mahogany and has undergone a finishing process to recreate good old fashioned honest sun bleached scrubbed furniture, as part of the hand ageing process you’re going to see deliberate ageing marks, uneven surfaces, differing grain colours and levels of bleaching. With all wood it still lives on and will expand and contract potentially cause splits and warping to the timber especially on the tops of tables just like the originals we copied have done over the decades. If placed in direct sunlight, next to heat sources or in exceptionally hot weather movement is more likely.

The wood is unsealed natural finish so if you do have a spillage we suggest cleaning with a damp cloth and for hard to remove stains use a mixture of 1/3/bleach, 1/3ecover detergent and a 1/3 water and very gently clean the area don’t scrub to hard or you will reveal the red mahogany timber beneath.

All our products are made from government plantation mahogany, which is grown specifically for furniture production and carefully audited so we can track and trace the timber back to the tree it came from. We comply with all the UK timber regulations which ensures no illegally logged timber is used. Our factory is a joint partnership and family owned, we ensure the small amount of chemicals used to produce the bleached finish are contained in the finishing area and disposed of properly. We operate a sustainable business which does not damage the environment and is employing many people on a fair wage in full time employment. We regularly visit the factory and contribute towards local educational need in local schools.

Data sheet

Top Thickness3cm
Leg Height76cm
Leg Width80cm
Leg Depth29cm
Type of WoodMahogany
Requires AssemblyYes
All dimensions are in centimetres and offered as a guide, therefore they may vary due to the hand made construction