Teak Disc Single Coat Hook


Part of the Santorini Collection, our Teak Disc Single Coat Hook is a novel way to hang up your coat, jacket, scarf or hat on your door or wall. Handmade from a ring of solid teak with a metal hook.

Reasons to Order

  • 15cm high
  • Solid quality teak wood
  • A ring of solid wood
  • Metal hook
  • For coats, jackets and more
  • Hang on a door or wall
  • No assembly needed
  • Other coat hooks also available

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Our Santorini Teak Disc Single Coat Hook is a wonderful way for you to hang your clothes. Hang this hook on the back of a door or on a wall in your porchway, hallway or cloakroom. You could also have it in your bedroom to hang up items, or in your bathroom for your bathrobe. Wherever you put it, it will look wonderful.

A slice of life given a new life. The coat hook is a wonderfully simple idea: a horizontal slice through a teak tree plus a metal hook attached underneath. Voila! Your clothes tidying problems are solved. So as well as being a rustic delight, you can even count the number of rings, to see how old the tree was.

Data sheet

Type of WoodTeak
Requires AssemblyNo