Dual Blade Wooden Decorative Propeller


Part of the Restoration Furniture Collection, our Dual Blade Wooden Propeller is over 6ft long and a replica of a classic design with its natural curves and twists

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  • 190cm long Dual Blade Wooden Propeller
  • Beautiful authentic detail
  • Ideal above a mantelpiece or doorway
  • Solid quality wood
  • Ready assembled

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At over 6ft long, our Dual Blade Wooden Propeller is a substantial piece of aeroplane design. Crafted meticulously from solid wood, its authentic in detail designed to be a perfect replica of a classic propeller from the early days of flying. See the twist and subtle curves of each blade specially made to maximise how it slices through the air.

Where would you fly it? Have this propeller above a mantelpiece or doorway. Who says it has to be horizontal either? You could have it vertically on a wall, or in an alcove to make a feature of it. Have it in your study or living room, hallway or kitchen, dining room or bedroom or wherever you want to have a dramatic statement feature.

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