Bottle Lightshades


Part of the Village Weaver Collection, our Bottle Lightshade has a bulbous base and a narrow top, just like a traditional bottle of rustic wine.

Reasons to Order

  • 67cm high Bottle Lightshade
  • Beautiful woven design
  • Rustic rattan
  • Woven by Indonesian craftsmen
  • No assembly needed
  • Other designs and sizes also available

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More info

Our Village Weaver Bottle Lightshade has an attractive shape, just like the curves of a round rustic bottle of plonk. It looks simple, but these special Indonesian weaving techniques have been passed down from one generation to the next, so that the skills are continued by the next artisans. The rattan is left in its natural straw-coloured state and gives you the right balance of light and shade.

Choice that you can bottle! Have them in your hallway or home office, your living room or dining room, bathroom or bedroom. We don't have bulbous lightshades in one size: we have many sizes and different shapes, so wherever you want to have a beautiful shade in your home, upstairs or down, you can get it right here.

Data sheet

Large Lightshade Height67cm
Large Lightshade Width54cm
Large Lightshade Depth54cm
Medium Lightshade Height57cm
Medium Lightshade Width45cm
Small Lightshade Height45cm
Small Lightshade Width34cm
Small Lightshade Depth34cm