Woven Tasselled Natural Rug


Part of the Village Weaver Collection, our Woven Tasselled Natural Rug is beautifully made and features a trim of soft tassels around the outside

  • 144cm square woven tasselled rug
  • Natural raffia and seagrass
  • Soft natural tasselled edges
  • Hardwearing and comfortable
  • Ready assembled

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Our Woven Tasselled Natural Rug is made from the same beautiful natural raffia and seagrass as our cushions and baskets. These are twisted into rope and then spiralled from the middle round and round by craftsmen in the traditional way. So it's strong and hardwearing, it gives your floor instant colour and it captures the essence of faraway lands.

Terrific tasselled trim. The beauty is enhanced even more by the edge. It has a delightful tassel trim all around the outside to point in every direction. Have this rug in any room. So have it in your hallway to welcome you home. Or in your lounge or conservatory, your dining room or bedroom. Wherever you place it, it will look wonderful, especially with those terrific tassels.

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