Teak Branch White Woven Chair


Part of the Santorini Collection, our Teak Branch White Woven Chair is a laid-back design that's super-comfy with a strong, supportive weave in white fabric.

Reasons to Order

  • 69cm high
  • Solid quality teak wood
  • Elegant, slimline handmade design
  • Strong, supportive white weave
  • For a dining room, lounge, bedroom and more
  • No assembly needed
  • Other chairs also available

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More info

Our Santorini Teak Branch White Woven Chair is the perfect way to unwind at any time of day, whether it's in your home office and you want a more relaxing way to think, or you just want to chill out in your lounge, or you just want a chair for your bedroom.

The white way to relax. This chair has been crafted with meticulous skill and dedication in the same way that it has been for generations by artisans in Indonesia. The frame is solid and sturdy, thanks to the solid teak tree branches that make it. The white natural weave is the perfect contrast on the seat and the back. The clever part is that it has enough support to make you feel at ease and enough 'give' in the weave to make you feel naturally comfortable too.

Data sheet

Seat Height37cm
Seat Width31cm
Seat Depth48cm
Back Height50cm
Type of WoodTeak
Requires AssemblyNo