Teak Branch Bookcase


Part of the Santorini Collection, our Teak Branch Bookcase has the shape of a stepladder and pyramid to give you a novel way to store your books, flowers, ornaments and more.

Reasons to Order

  • 148cm high Teak Branch Bookcase
  • Solid quality teak wood
  • Stepladder pyramid storage design
  • Two super strong shelves
  • Novel storage for any room
  • Requires assembly
  • Other bookcases also available

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More info

Our Santorini Teak Branch Bookcase has a classic A-frame so it looks a bit like a pyramid too. Yes, we're going to say it: as a bookcase it's pretty novel. So it can store your prized books - perhaps on the pyramids of Giza or adventures of Howard Carter in the Valley of the Kings.

When is a bookcase not a bookcase? The answer is when it can store more. So this bookcase doesn't have to just be for books. It can be for folders and files in your home office; or for ornaments, flowers and family photos in your lounge; or clothes and shoes in your bedroom, or towels and toiletries in your bathroom. Whatever you want, this A-frame, gets awarded an A for versatility. And because it's made from solid teak, it's superbly strong and sturdy too.

Data sheet

Large Shelf Width150cm
Large Shelf Depth30cm
Small Shelf Width100cm
Small Shelf Depth30cm
Type of WoodTeak
Requires AssemblyYes