Woven Urn Basket with Broad Stripes


Part of the Village Weaver Collection, our Woven Urn Basket with Broad Stripes has a tall, slimline curved design with a delightful two-tone colouring

  • 42cm high woven urn basket
  • Natural raffia and seagrass
  • Broad contrast white stripes
  • Elegant curved shape
  • Beautiful decorative piece
  • Surprisingly versatile
  • Ready assembled
  • Other baskets also available

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Our Woven Urn Basket is to be admired for sure. While its counterpart has narrow stripes, this version is bolder and had broad white contrast stripes. The two-tone look is a delight to admire, as is the elegant curving. Its created by craftsmen with traditional methods. So they carefully twist and turn the natural raffia and seagrass into rope and then starting at the bottom, they wind it round and round until the reach the top. Its the skill of the artisan to keep the shape perfect.

Robust and ready. At about 42cm high, its a bit smaller than the narrow stripe version, but no less useful. So you could again use it as a decorative piece in its own right. Or fill it with feathers peacock feathers look beautiful in it or just add some dried flowers. Then place it where you can enjoy seeing it every day in your lounge or hallway, home office or bedroom.

Data sheet

Storage Height81cm
Requires AssemblyNo