Fitzroy Grey Faux Leather Low Chair


Fitzroy Grey Faux Leather Low Chair

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An absolute must have for many different living rooms, conservatorys or bedrooms.

This is a natural wood solid product and therefore will have unique patterns, grain variations, and occasional knots in the wood surface. This will not have any impact on durability, strength and integrity of the furniture.

Wood lives on in the furniture and it breathes and moves over time so natural minor movements that may occur are totally natural.

Following purchase aftercare

Wipe clean with damp cloth, surface scratches from everyday use can be filled with matching colour bees wax. Excess heat, sunlight and dryness can cause the wood to split so avoid placing your furniture close to heat sources use mats and coasters when placing hot drinks onto the surface to avoid white ring marks.

Data sheet

Seat Height47
Seat Width54
Seat Depth54
Back Height51
Arm Height59
Arm Width7
Arm Depth35
Cushion Height29
Cushion Width45
Cushion Depth12
Type of MaterialSteel
Requires AssemblyYes